Atlas Rendered – Opportunity Seeker Promotion

Atlas Rendered - Opportunity Seeker

Hi, we’re Dillon and Ryan with Atlas Rendered here to talk to you about an awesome promotion we have starting up in the beginning of May with the Opportunity Seeker Program for Atlas Rendered. Beginning May 2nd, every address that you submit to our Opportunity Seeker program will count as a submission towards our grand prize drawing. At the end of May, on Labor Day, we will be drawing for the winner from everyone who sent in properties for a Yeti pull cooler.

Now, every address that you send is a submission. The way this works is you have to take a picture of the property, take down the address, and submit it through our Opportunity Seeker Program. Each submission counts as one drawing towards the prize. And at the end, if you submitted, let’s say 50 properties, you have 50 chances towards winning this Yeti cooler. And this goes for everyone that’s in the program. So it starts on May the 2nd. It goes until May 27th. We’ll do the drawing on Facebook Live, Instagram live, etc. on May the 30th and we’ll be giving that out 1st of June.

So stay tuned, stay active. I know the weather’s getting nice so it’s a great time to be out and walking around your communities. Keep an eye out for properties that might need a little bit of love. And again, if you’ve already sent us properties for our Opportunity Seeker program but you didn’t sign up, you need to go to our website, sign up and start sending properties that way this way they can count towards this this promotion.

Atlas Rendered buys houses fast in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida where we seek to create the best and most completive deal for our sellers. Helping us through our opportunity seeker programs helps us keep our deals flowing and our flipping business busy! Since we are always looking for a win-win, we do all the work to get a deal done with the potential seller and give you $500 at the closing table for helping us find the deal.

You can find us at, atlasrendered on Facebook or atlas_rendered for Instagram. Please follow us on social media, we’re going to have more videos like this and more on our YouTube channel, atlasrendered. We look forward to working with you.
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